Based in Los Angeles, Krystle works creatively in film, television, and the web, helping to produce shows for networks from ABC to Vh1, and documentary film.  She recently began teaching as a full time Professor of Cinema and TV at Los Angeles City College, an incredible place she is proud to call home. She hosts and produces The FatNoMoSho, which documents her journey to mental and physical fitness, and teaches Media, Race and Gender at Santa Monica College. She practices yoga and Crossfit, and dabbles in the art of joke telling as a stand up comedian.
Krystle started her multi-media adventure as a radio DJthen earned her Master of Arts in Cinema and Media, Culture and Society at DePaul University. There she wrote, directed and produced her Master’s Thesis Film – Stopping the Wind – An Exploration of the Hawaiian Sovereignty Movement, to help create awareness of the lesser known political issues happening on what most only know as paradise.
Krystle is a world traveler, having studied, experienced, and worked around the globe.  She is passionate about social justice and equality.  She has been a teacher for almost fifteen years, and hopes to bring her classroom to a larger audience. She recently became a mother to a wonderful baby girl.